Aquabiking vs. Spinning

They’re the same, but not quite. Both require a static bike and involve music to hype the practitioners. You are sure to burn at least 500 calories per hour with both. They welcome anyone from total beginners to experts. But which one to go for? We’re helping you chose by pointing the main differences between aquabiking and spinning.

The Spot

This is the obvious one. As said earlier, aquabiking takes place in a pool and combines physical activity with fun and relaxation. On the other hand, spinning usually takes place in a room with a clubby atmosphere to stimulate the mental.

Muscle Soreness

With aquabiking because it’s a continuous effort with the added pressure of the water, you’ll feel sore right after your workout. With spinning, because the intensity varies greatly and there is no extra pressure, your muscles will be sore the day after.

The Effort

Aquabiking will slowly increase the rhythm, after a short warm up. You feel the dual and contradictory effects of your muscles heating up because of the pedaling while staying cool thanks to the water. Spinning, on the other hand will change the resistance to replicate different scenarios such as going uphill or reaching a plateau.  

The Results

Aquabiking will allow you to slim your figure thanks to the dual effect of the water pressure and the pedaling. It also helps your blood flow and reduces cellulite. Spinning is a great way to quickly burn fat because of the intensity of the effort. It also strengthens the cardiovascular endurance and tones up your thighs, arms and bottom.

With both, you’ll get in shape and feel great after! Keep in mind that aquabiking is easier on your joints and suited for injury recoveries. If you decide to go with aquabiking, check our aqua bikes out and get on the road to a better you! Comment below and let us which one you chose.

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