How to Set Attainable Fitness Goals

Although it is important to set ambitious goals that will both push and better yourself, it is not best practice to set out to achieve these goals in a short period of time — Rome wasn’t built in a day! Instead, a more careful and calculated approach will not only get you where you want to be, but spare you waning motivation and even injuries. Here are five ways to set realistic and achievable fitness goals!

Breaking one big goal into smaller goals can help you both physically and emotionally

In making one large goal several smaller goals, you’ll not only see gradual improvement in yourself, but psychologically feel as though you are accomplishing more. And by moving in smaller steps, you’ll protect yourself against falling short of any lofty goals, as there will be fewer large challenges standing between you and your new self or routine.

Be specific

If your goals are too vague, you run the risk of getting confused along the way and even delaying your progress. By having a razor-sharp idea of what you want to achieve, you’ll have a better and more precise idea of what needs to be done to get you there.

Don’t be afraid of numbers

Goals should be specific, and often specificity involves numbers. Attaching numbers to your goals– like how much weight you’d like to lose or over how many months you’d like to reach your goal– makes them measurable. By setting these numeric goals, you’ll be able to better ascertain your progress and make sure you’re on the right track.

Be accountable

We’re all human. And sometimes that means that we may fall through on some of our goals, or simply not take the steps needed to achieve them. Despite the reasons, it’s important that you hold yourself accountable during those moments where you fall short. When you start letting yourself slip through, you begin to fall out of all the healthy habits you’ve set for yourself and worked so hard to achieve. Set alarms on your smartphone, download applications relevant and specific to your goals, or even blog about your journey, in order to ensure you truly stick with it!

Reward yourself

Just because someone isn’t there to pat you on the back doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself. Allow yourself a little indulgence or reward for every small goal accomplished, and you may even find yourself working hard than before. So treat yourself, you earned it!

It’s important to realize that bold and ambitious goals are not always smart goals. Aim big, but take small and calculated steps to get there. You’ll still get there, and have developed healthy habits and improved your self confidence and work ethic along the way! What kind of goals would you set for your Wike-Up fitness routine?

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