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5 Workouts suited for the hot summer days

The days of summer are upon us, and with the boiling heat outside, it’s hard to imagine working out. Most of your day you’re just sweating off the calories anyway, right? Oh, if only it were that simple! Even in the carefree, but somewhat tiresome, hot summer days, exercise is still an incredibly important part […]

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Top 5 Exercises to get that Perfect Summer Body

Spring is the perfect time of year to come out of your winter hibernation and work on getting your summer body ready! Whether you just want to lose a few holiday pounds to fit into that teeny bikini, or you have a long journey ahead of you to a healthier and fitter self, there are […]

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Full Body Workout: Why It’s Important

When it comes to fitness, a full body approach is key. No one can expect great results without addressing their entire body and providing it with the right fuel. Those of us who would do anything to skip leg day – this one’s for you. Stay Balanced With A Full Body Workout Making sure your entire […]

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