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December 2015

Intense vs. Passive Ways to Wike-Up!

Some people wake up at 4am, go for a 5-mile run, lift weights for 45 minutes, go to work and still fit in an evening bike ride before the day is done. Others wake-up, stretch their arms in the air and get on with their day. By the time the day is over, they’re far […]

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Meet the Founders of Wike-Up!

While aqua biking is not a completely new concept, Wike-Up! is a brand that is going to change the face of the industry forever. As the lightest aqua bike currently on the market, just about anyone can easily maneuver it in and out of the water for easy and effective workouts. After sitting down and […]

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Our Top Water Workouts – Minus the Swimming?

Because of its many benefits, water exercise is a growing trend. The only issue? Not all of us love to swim, making this type of workout even more of a chore. There are ways to enjoy exercising in the water without necessity of traditional swimming though. For example, you can work out on a Wike-Up exercise […]

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