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June 2016

Why Wike-Up! Is The Perfect Low-Impact Workout

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, need a workout that won’t hurt your knees or just want to keep your joints healthy, low-impact exercises are the way to go. Many cardio workouts, although they are great for building up endurance and keeping your heart healthy, require jumping, running or other high-impact activities that can damage […]

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6 Healthy Summer Food Tips

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the bounty of bright, fresh produce so you can stay cool while you stay fit. As the temperature rises and the days grow longer, follow these tips to feel great all season with light yet filling meals and have a healthy summer. Feast On Fruit The sun […]

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5 Workouts to Score a Rockin’ Summer Bod

The days of summer are upon us, and with the boiling heat outside, it’s hard to imagine exercising. Most of your day you’re just sweating off the calories anyway, right? Oh, if only it were that simple! Even in the carefree, but somewhat tiresome, hot summer days, exercise is still an incredibly important part of […]

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