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4 Other Exercises You Can Do with an Aqua Bike

It may sound difficult to believe, but investing in an aqua bike is pretty much as good as investing in an entire home gym! Wike-Up! aqua bikes are perfect for cycling in the water of course, but there are multiple additional exercises perfect for toning your entire body. Check out the list below to get […]

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Keeping up with Aqua Biking

If you haven’t heard the latest aqua biking buzz, it’s all about the Kardashians. While aqua biking has always been a popular workout in European countries, it is now poised to make a bigger splash in the United States with its new celebrity endorsement. According to OK! Magazine, while traveling in St. Bart’s and filming their […]

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Intense vs. Passive Ways to Wike-Up!

Some people wake up at 4am, go for a 5-mile run, lift weights for 45 minutes, go to work and still fit in an evening bike ride before the day is done. Others wake-up, stretch their arms in the air and get on with their day. By the time the day is over, they’re far […]

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Meet the Founders of Wike-Up!

While aqua biking is not a completely new concept, Wike-Up! is a brand that is going to change the face of the industry forever. As the lightest aqua bike currently on the market, just about anyone can easily maneuver it in and out of the water for easy and effective workouts. After sitting down and […]

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How we created a fully personalized way to workout?

Wike-Up! is an aqua bike Miami based brand created by 4 entrepreneurs: The Idea? Distribute aqua bikes in the US focusing on the user experience.  1. You can choose when you train  Wike-up! creators came up with a line of aqua bikes in order to give people acces to aqua biking without living their homes. The concept is […]

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What is Wike-Up?

What is aquabiking? Aquabiking, also called aquacycling, is an underwater spinning workout.  The popularity of this water workout is taking off worldwide , and is rapidly spreading throughout Europe and into the United States.  Aquabiking is similar to traditional spinning classes that take place on land, but adding water to the mix offers additional benefits that spinning classes of the […]

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