9 Ways Wike-Up Can Improve Your Health

We all know how important working out is for your health, but some workouts are better than others. Here are the ways Wike-Up! Aquabikes can improve your health.

Cardiovascular Endurance And Health

Wike-Up! bikes are great for cardiovascular health

Like any cardio workout, Wike-Up! aquabikes are perfect for improving bodily endurance – especially in the respiratory system. Stronger, more efficient lungs not only help you intensify your workouts, but helps you through your day-to-day life. A brain with more oxygen is clearer and alert, with a body primed for anything life throws at you.

Muscular Strength And Power



Aquabikes, thanks to their design to be used in water, provide up to twelve times the resistance of a regular in-air cycling workout. A high resistance workout is like adding weights to a routine, forcing your body to lift not only its own weight, but work against the weight of the water, thereby training your muscles to be stronger.


Stay flexible with Wike-Up! aquabikes

Just as important as bodily strength is flexibility. Aquabikes don’t put the same strain on your body thanks to the supportive nature of your body’s natural buoyancy. This means your joints suffer little damage and over-exerting your muscles is much less likely, so your stretches can be as deep as you like before, during and after your workout.

Balance And Coordination

Aquabikes are great for improving balance and overall health

In general, biking makes you more aware of your body’s positioning because it requires a lot of balance. The leg and core-strengthening nature of a Wike-Up! workout is also beneficial to improving your balance, and being in the water requires you to exert energy in a different way

Speed And Reaction Time

Agility is an important aspect of health

If you think you’re fast on an aquabike, imagine how quickly you’ll be able to bike on land. For decades, athletes have been training underwater in order to build up their strength and speed, and now you can, too! Wike-Up! users, after a good workout, will notice what feels like sudden strength once they get out of the water, thanks to the dramatic difference between air and water resistance.Working out in the water leads to much higher performance on land. By extension of speed, aquabikers will also be happy to note improvements in their reaction time as their bodies become used to working out underwater.

Check out our products page to find the right aquabike for you, but if you’re still not convinced that Wike-Up! Aquabikes are perfect additions to your workout routine, check out the rest of our blog.

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