The Benefits of Aqua Biking for Rehabbing Injuries

It’s very common for professional athletes and hardcore exercise enthusiasts to become injured at some point in their life. For someone who loves to exercise, this can be a horrible nightmare. The beautiful thing about aqua biking is that it is the perfect way to exercise when you are recovering from an injury, but it can also be an intense exercise once you are rehabilitated.

Here are some benefits of aqua biking while rehabbing an injury:


Less Pressure on Joints

Remember playing in the pool as a kid and feeling completely weightless? The same buoyancy that allowed you to enjoy that feeling is the reason why exercising in the pool with a Wike-Up! aqua bike is so beneficial after sustaining an injury.

Aqua biking is a great way to still work out while injured. Always consult a medical professional.

Consult with a medical professional to make sure you are cleared for light exercise. Make sure you take it slow as you recover. However, since you are working out anyway, aqua biking is one of the least stressful workouts on your joints.


Easier Transition Back into your Previous Routine

Aqua biking is the type of workout that can be very strenuous or very relaxed. This makes it the perfect type of workout to ease you back into your former exercise routine after suffering from an injury. While you recover, continue to workout at a comfortable pace and slowly increase the intensity as you start to feel better!


Helps You Regain Strength and Mobility Safely

Once again, it’s important to always consult a medical professional before starting any new fitness routine. This is especially important after sustaining an injury. Once you are cleared for gentle exercise, aqua biking will become your best friend. You can work out as hard or as gently as you would like to with a Wike-Up! aqua bike. This helps you regain strength and mobility in a safe way as you work toward recovery.


Improves Circulation which can lead to a Quicker Recovery

Aqua Biking can help you improve full-body circulation

One thing your doctor will probably tell you is that even following an injury, it is important to find some way to stay active. Sometimes you are injured to the point where there is little-to-nothing you can do. However, once you are cleared for light exercise, you can use an aqua bike to help improve your circulation. This can often lead to a quicker recovery.


Overall, there are multiple benefits to incorporating aqua biking into your rehabilitation routine following an injury. Your most important goal is to get better and follow your doctor’s recommendations, so you’ll be back to your old self in no time!

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