4 Other Exercises You Can Do with an Aqua Bike

It may sound difficult to believe, but investing in an aqua bike is pretty much as good as investing in an entire home gym! Wike-Up! aqua bikes are perfect for cycling in the water of course, but there are multiple additional exercises perfect for toning your entire body. Check out the list below to get the most out of your aqua bike.

Use Your Core to Aqua Bike

Aqua bike Exercices

You can easily get a great workout for your core by standing up on your bike (commonly known as second position) and slightly bending your knees. This is so your knees do not lock in place as you complete exercises on your aqua bike, and you can also utilize your core. Lean your arms on your handlebars as you pedal to maximize the use of your core muscles.


Jump it Out!

Another great way to work your entire body, but especially your thighs and gluts, is to do “jumps.” If you’ve ever taken a spinning class, these will seem familiar to you, but they will be much more difficult. Alternate between standing up and lifting your behind off the seat and leaning your arms forward and lifting it up. Keep moving your behind up and down from the sitting position for as long as you can to get the most benefits from these exercises.


Water push-ups

Wike-up Exercices

This one looks just like it sounds. Position yourself in the push-up position over your handlebars and stretch your legs out behind you. Push up and down on the handlebars to give your arms a great workout. The buoyancy of the water will make this feel easier than a normal push-up, but we promise, your arms will feel the burn. Your lower body will enjoy the quick break!


Aqua Bike Crunches

Lift your feet out of the pedals and curl them around the front handlebars. Leaving your bottom on the seat, sliding down as necessary for your body type, lean back, and crunch back up. You’ll feel like you are doing crunches, but you’ll basically be floating on the top of the water. Do as many of these exercises as you can!


All of these are excellent additions to any aqua bike workout and can make it all the more exciting. Do you have any unique tips for using your aqua bike for a full-body workout? We’d love to hear them! Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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