Full Body Workout: Why It’s Important

When it comes to fitness, a full body approach is key. No one can expect great results without addressing their entire body and providing it with the right fuel. Those of us who would do anything to skip leg day – this one’s for you.

Stay Balanced With A Full Body Workout

A full body workout can keep you balanced without excessive equipment

Making sure your entire body is strong and healthy is of vital importance to perform at your best. Each muscle group relies on the others in order to function properly and prevent injury. A strong back and core are integral for proper form when attempting leg, arm and chest exercises. Your whole body works as one, so it makes sense to exercise your body as one. With full body workouts, you don’t run the risk of slacking on one muscle group in particular or confusing your schedule if you miss a day, too.

Save Time And Money

A full body workout can save you time and money

Although it’s important to be active every day, accommodating a different workout every day for various muscle groups is time consuming. You can spend less time in the gym by doing a full-body workout instead of dedicating certain days to certain parts of the body. This opens up more time for healthy meal preparation, recreational activities to keep you active, and allow more recovery time between workouts. Because many people don’t allow enough time for their bodies to recover before working out again, they don’t achieve their best possible results and begin to plateau.

Skip The Gym With Wike-Up!

You can use your aquabike for a full body workout at home

With Wike-Up! aquabikes, you can skip the gym all together. No matter your skill level, you can get a full body workout in your own home – and have fun doing it! If you haven’t already, check out this list of alternative workouts you can do beyond cycling on an aquabike to see how. There’s no limit to the number of exercises you can do to customize your workout, and you can accommodate any injuries or conditions to personalize your low-impact, high resistance workout.

Personal fitness is just that – personal. Every individual should do what works for them and what makes them the happiest. The important part is being happy, healthy and having fun. And we’re here to help you do just that!

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