Intense vs. Passive Ways to Wike-Up!

Some people wake up at 4am, go for a 5-mile run, lift weights for 45 minutes, go to work and still fit in an evening bike ride before the day is done. Others wake-up, stretch their arms in the air and get on with their day. By the time the day is over, they’re far too tired to get a workout in. Whether you’re the former or the latter, Wike-Up! is a great way to jump (or stay) on the fitness train!


For the Exercise Enthusiast

Love to swim, run, bike and everything in-between? Then, of course you’ll want to add aqua biking to the mix! In fact, this is the perfect exercise for recovery days between really strenuous workouts. The water’s resistance and buoyancy together allow for people to put less weight on their joints while still experiencing an intense workout.

Even pro athletes have found Wike-Up! aqua biking to be an important part of their training efforts. Take it from Pro BMX biker, Romain Taupier: “I discovered Wike-Up! and decided to try it out. I found it to be the perfect tool for my endurance/fitness training every day. It allows me to have an efficient workout in the comfort of my pool. The combination of the bike and the water has helped me gain stronger muscles, retain more energy and also relax after races, without missing a workout.”

Romain Taupier in Action!Romain Taupier


For the Carefree Cyclist

There are also some of us that have a pool in our backyard, but never really use it. Maybe there’s a treadmill in the living room that hasn’t been plugged in for months, and surely, those running shoes are caked in dust.

For whatever reason, exercise is just not a top priority and that’s okay, especially now that Wike-Up! is here. Get ready to feel like a fitness superstar as you are able to toss your light weight aqua bike right into the pool, jump in after it and get spinning. The great thing about the Wike-Up! aqua bike is that you can throw on any old swim suit, jump in your pool, and burn up to 800 calories in one single hour! That’s way more than jogging for an hour and it puts far less pressure on your joints.


Overall, Wike-Up! is clearly a fitness trend that isn’t going anywhere. The concept of aqua biking has benefits for athletes (and anti-athletes) of all types. Now all you have to do is pick a color for your new Wike-Up! and order today!

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