How To Maintain Your Summer Body

For all of you who have met your fitness goals, you’ve worked hard to get to where you are, but now comes the really hard part – you have to maintain. Of course, healthy diet and exercise are important, but the hard part about maintaining your fitness is keeping up the motivation to. When you’re not looking to lose a goal amount or make muscle gains, we’re often trapped in a limbo that doesn’t seem to give noticeable results. Here are four tips to help you maintain your summer body:

Vivify With Variety

Wike-Up bikes can help you maintain your summer body.

One of the easiest ways to kill your motivation is to be bored. Baked chicken breasts and steamed vegetables gets boring very quickly. If you’re trying to maintain your fitness, remember that herbs and spices are your friends. You also don’t have to be so afraid of salt that you don’t touch the shaker. Here’s an article with the skinny on the mineral.

Try to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables to get a more interesting flavors in your diet.  Don’t forget, too, that the Internet is a resource for recipes, workouts and solidarity. Varied workouts also ensure your body doesn’t get used to doing the same thing over and over again, which could reduce your workout’s effectiveness. Most importantly, remember…

Fitness Should Be Fun: Maintain That Motivation

Work out with a friend to maintain your figure and have fun!

Another way to combat the boredom that zaps your motivation to maintain your fitness level is to make sure that your workout is fun. Pick your favorite music, your favorite instructor or your favorite workout partner, and have fun! You don’t have to pump iron or endlessly run on a treadmill to stay fit. Try something like dancing, swimming or, keeping to the theme of the unusual, aquabiking. Check out this article we wrote on eating healthy, and this article on workouts you can do with your aquabike.

Keep It Cool

Keep cool while maintaining your fitness.

Sometimes gyms are intimidating – struggling with a hip abductor machine is no one’s idea of fun, but don’t be afraid to face that fear. Ask questions, look silly! No one is judging because everyone is focused on themselves. Being fit is all about loving your body and increasing your confidence, which can be tough, so working out at home is a great way to start. Wike-Up! aquabikes, let you maintain your fitness in your own pool, where you can literally keep cool in the summer heat.

Increase Your Intensity

Aqua biking can help you maintain your summer body

The more you work out, you’ll notice that each workout gets easier – which means you need to ramp things up to maintain. With the versatility of a Wike-Up! aquabike, you can increase the intensity of your workouts easily without overexerting yourself. The resistance of an aquabike is up to 12 times that of a bike on land, and because it’s stationary in your pool, it allows for more balance. This opens up more possibilities for using dumbbells and resistance cords.

Always remember that you’re not alone in your health and fitness journey. Wike-Up can help! Consult a doctor before making any drastic changes to your lifestyle. He or she can also help you find a trusted registered dietitian or personal trainer who can give you a consultation.

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