Nadia L. Wike-Up! Addict

I’ve always been a waterbike addict 

I was  a big fan in France where W2_redclasses of water biking are very popular .

When I arrived in Florida, I discover thanks to Wike-Up! that i could even buy one for my own pool.

This has really changed the way I do sport: I don’t have to book my classes, I’m scheduling my workouts as I want : It is so very usefull not to be stuck with classes hours when you work and have children .

Also, when I contacted the Wike-Up! team , they helped me to choose the best bike for me : I bought the Performance Wike-Up! Aquabike , and I would really recommend it to all my friends ! “

Nadia L., Coral Gables, FL


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  • I am working out on my wike up with the depth up to my waist.
    I found 2 different things on the internet— one was depth up to waist and the other up to bellybutton.
    On me, that is approximately a 3 inch difference. I want the most optimum situation and want to spend my 45 minutes efficiently.
    Please help and how fast should I pedal?

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