How we created a fully personalized way to workout?

Wike-Up! is an aqua bike Miami based brand created by 4 entrepreneurs: The Idea? Distribute aqua bikes in the US focusing on the user experience.

 1. You can choose when you train 

creators came up with a line of aqua bikes in order to give people acces to aqua biking without living their homes.

The concept is simple and efficient : “Aqua biking in the comfort of your own pool ”

In fact, do you find the time to leave your home for a workout class  when you work all day, have to take care of your house, children… ? The answer : YOU DON’T

Wike-Up! decided to make your workouts easier to plan, since you don’t have to plan it .

You just have to put the aqua bike into the water and, you re ready to start.

2. You have the choice : Fitness or performance ? 

Wike-Up! created 2 different aqua bikes in order for you to chose which one is the best for you.


The fitness Wike-Up! aqua bike is perfect for beginners:

  • Very light :21 lbs , this is the lightest aqua bike in the market
  • Very easy to use : you just have to put it in the water and you re ready for your workout
  • Made for everyone : even unathletic people will enjoy this aqua bike : you don’t feel the pain,
  • So efficient with even 30 min of workout, you’ll feel the effets








The Performance Wike-Up! aqua bike is made for challengers :

  • The main advantage is that you can adjust the resistance. So you can higher the level of workout.
  • Light :33 lbs
  • Very strong and durable : made in aluminium
  • This Aquabike is very used by athletes who want to train before a competition : this water fitness workout  improves cardiovascular endurance, and tones muscles.





3. You even have the choice of the color

One of the great added value of Wike-Up! is that the creators also thought about the user’s  taste!

You can chose between 6 colors for each aqua bike : pick the one you really like between 12 products


So? Which one will you chose ? 


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