4 Ways To Stay Motivated To Work Out

Staying motivated to work out can be hard. Factors like work, sleep and busy personal schedules can all throw a wrench in your gears and make you not want to hit the gym. Here are four ways to beat those unmotivated blues:

Set Goals

shutterstock_371607493Perhaps the best way to address something is to take the first step toward fixing the problem. Sit down and decide on specific goals: gain 10 pounds of muscle, lose an inch off your waist, or develop definition in your muscles. Once you have something to work toward, you can envision yourself reaching that goal before every workout. As is each day at the gym, running or aqua-biking is a step toward achieving those goals – which will help you stay motivated to work out.

Track Your Progress

What is the point of setting goals if you don’t keep track of your progression toward them? There is none! You’ll be missing out on an opportunity to keep motivated. Not only can you enjoy your results, you can see how much work there is left to achieve your goal. Perhaps you’ll find it isn’t as much as you once thought, or maybe you’ll find yourself wanting to work a little harder to get closer to your goal.

Reward Yourself

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Upon setting your goals, you need to give yourself something to look forward to. Make your favorite healthy smoothie or a flavorful, nutrient-rich meal after your workout as a reward. Take a nice, hot bath to refresh yourself. Do some deep stretches to relax your muscles. You can even reward yourself monetarily by adding money to a workout jar each time you exercise. Let yourself spend it at the end of each successful week.

Identify The Hold-Up

If you find that you just can’t get up to work out in the morning, or that you’re reluctant to exercise after work, take some time to self-reflect.
Why don’t you want to work out? If you’re tired, try getting some extra sleep that night. If your workout has become dull, change things up and try a new aquabike workout. If you’re dreading the thought of being out-of-breath, think of how greatyou feel when the endorphins kick in post-workout. Don’t want to drive to the gym?Stay at your pool at home and get a great low-impact, high-resistance workout on your Wike-Up! Aquabike. Once you identify what’s holding you back, you can address it and move forward.Set goals to stay motivated

Check out some more tips on maintaining your goals and motivation from this blog post, and be sure to stay tuned for more information on how to stay healthy with Wike-Up!

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