Our Top Water Workouts – Minus the Swimming?

Because of its many benefits, water exercise is a growing trend.

The only issue? Not all of us love to swim, making this type of workout even more of a chore. There are ways to enjoy exercising in the water without necessity of traditional swimming though. For example, you can work out on a Wike-Up exercise bike. These unique bikes allow you to exercise at a higher intensity level, therefore increasing your body’s ability to burn calories. Aqua biking is also ideal when you’re recovering from an injury, and you’ll feel lighter while on your Wike-Up bike in the water.

And there are plenty more ways to enjoy a solid workout in the water without swimming tons of laps. Check out our…

Top 4 Swim-Free Water Workouts

1. Water Running

Water running is an excellent high intensity water workout!

Water running involves hurtling yourself through waist-deep water at your top speed. The exercise is a major calorie burner. In fact, you can burn from 12 to 15 calories a minute depending on your intensity level. This activity can also be done with a buoyancy belt to help you from running against the bottom of the pool. To get the most benefit from the aquafitness exercise, be sure to actually run, and avoid bicycling your feet through the water. The buoyancy of water reduces the effects that gravity has on your body since it supports 90 percent of your weight.

2. Aqua biking 

As we mentioned earlier, one of the latest water-based exercise options is aquacycling. This is a unique activity since you’ll be riding a Wike-Up aquabike in waist-deep water. Because you’ll be using water resistance, the exercise will help you burn calories while providing other health benefits.


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For example, this kind of exercise increases your flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. Because of these features, you can workout on a Wike-Up aqua bike to prepare your body for intense competitions like triathlons or bike races. It also reduces the impact that exercise can have on your joints and tendons. Another priceless benefit? It can also help you sleep better, since after an intense aquacycling session, you shouldn’t feel sore.

3. Resistance Training

Unlike solid ground, water resists you naturally. When you’re working out in water, you’ll be forced to use your core to keep your body stable within the shifting substance. To increase resistance, consider investing in the latest exercise gadgets such as hand buoys, which are water-friendly barbells, or webbed gloves. These equipment pieces increase your upper body resistance.

While in the water, your body faces resistance from every direction. You can also increase resistance with speed or by expanding the surface area. By doing this, you’ll be rewarded with more strength and toned muscles.

4. Aquatic Classes

Who said you can't do yoga under water?

Due to the popularity of working out in water, aquafitness classes have become another exercise trend. Today, you can take kickboxing, yoga and even aerobics in the water. The benefits of water classes include their high level of intensity combined with no impact to your body’s joints. Try a few out to pick a favorite, or bounce around between them to shake up your workout routine. Studies show that working out in water causes people to lose a higher percentage of body fat than they do when exercising on a treadmill. Also, many people feel more comfortable working out in water.

Maintaining Your Fitness Level

From powering through the water with a buoyancy belt to aquabiking on your Wike-Up aquabike, water workout options are diverse. By embracing an aquatic fitness routine, you’ll have a fun way to burn calories and stay in shape. Purchase a Wike-Up aquabike to complete your daily workouts in your pool at home.

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