What is Wike-Up?

What is aquabiking?

Aquabiking, also called aquacycling, is an underwater spinning workout.  The popularity of this water workout is taking off worldwide , and is rapidly spreading throughout Europe and into the United States.  Aquabiking is similar to traditional spinning classes that take place on land, but adding water to the mix offers additional benefits that spinning classes of the past could not.

While aquabiking offers the same fitness results as typical spinning classes, many say the feeling they have when they are finished is much better.  In fact, the New York Times recently published an article about the benefits of aqua cycling in which one aquabike user said “it’s like you had a massage” when asked about her post workout feeling.

What are the main advantages of the sport?

The benefits of aquabiking are endless.  No other full-body workout can deliver as powerful results with such low impact on joints.  Because of this, aquabiking is perfect for reaching whatever fitness goal you may have.  Whether you are trying to stay in shape, lose weight, get toned, or rehabilitate an injury aquabiking can help you achieve your goals.

Regardless of age, height, weight, gender, or fitness level the underwater workout provides the same advantages.  Here are just a few of the many benefits from Aqua Studio’s list of 10 reasons to cycle in the water:

1. Improves cardiovascular endurance

While in the water, your heartbeat frequency is 10% lower than on land. You work at a higher intensity with a lower heart rate which helps improve your endurance.

2. Tones muscles

Yes! You can burn up to 800kcal per hour while cycling in the water. Thanks to the support and the pressure provided by the water, blood circulation is speeded up and fat elimination is facilitated.

3. Activates blood circulation

The hydrostatic pressure of water combined with cycling movement considerably increase your blood flow and circulation, energizing your muscles, and reducing the symptoms of tired legs. Water pressure compensates the arterial pressure and improves circulation. If your blood circulates well, your legs feels lighter.

4. Reduces fatigue

Stress is reduced and sleep is improved. Posture, muscle relaxation and flexibility are improved.

5. No pain

When you cycle in the water, don’t be surprised if, the next day, you do not feel any pain. While in the water, you are preventing your body from any injuries or micro-trauma. Your muscles are working out nicely but efficiently.

6. No soreness

When you usually feel sore after a land-base workout, you created micro damages in the muscle fibers and connective tissue. In the water, there is no impact your joints, muscles and bones and you are much less likely to cause any micro-trauma to your body.

What makes Wike-Up! different?

With all the benefits aquabiking has to offer, it’s no wonder the fitness trend is making a huge wave in the states. But until recently, the benefits of aqua cycling have been limited to people with access to facilities that have aquabiking equipment and offer group classes.  However, Wike-Up! is here to change that with its line of affordable aquabikes that you can use in the comfort of your own pool, whenever you want!

While there are several companies offering aquabikes, Wike-Up! sets itself apart, with easy-to-use and maintain products that make it ideal for home usage.  The durable, lightweight frame makes the water bike extremely easy to take in and out of your pool at home.  And when you’re finished, simply rinse the bike with freshwater and wipe it down before putting it away.

Wike-Up! was created by a team of three entrepreneurs with expertise in manufacturing, management, and sales. They love new challenges and are always looking for innovative concepts and products.  Their goal is to go beyond simply fulfilling a need with their products, but also-improve the well-being of people while making them feel accomplished. Wike-Up!  bikes were produced with this mentality, and the company stands behind the mission of its brand and the quality of its products.

Visit the Wike-Up! website to order your very own aquabike today!

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