Why you should start Aquabiking ?

Did you know that a regular workout could improve your everyday life in many ways ? You all know that physical exercise helps you to stay fit and in a good shape … But , it also improve unexpected things.  1. Perfect after a day of work After a hard working day, you need to think of […]

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Nadia L. Wike-Up! Addict

“I’ve always been a waterbike addict  I was  a big fan in France where classes of water biking are very popular . When I arrived in Florida, I discover thanks to Wike-Up! that i could even buy one for my own pool. This has really changed the way I do sport: I don’t have to book my classes, I’m scheduling […]

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Emma, Wike-Up! fan

“I love Wike-Up!  I’m also a big fan of indoor cycling but I crave to water bike every day! It is so awesome to spin under water without feeling any pain or feeling you’re putting any effort into it. What is amazing is to see your legs sculpted only after 2 weeks! I would recommend […]

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Tips : Food & workout : The good mix

Our everyday lives can be a lot to handle at times- responsibilities, work, and family can easily cause little sleep, a lot of stress, and bad health. However, even during the hardest times you should never stop taking care of yourself, your body, or your mind. Your body needs food to operate and to combat all […]

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Le Courrier de Floride

Three French friends had a simple, but great idea: launching a personal waterbike brand in the US. In August 2015, Wike-Up! was born! To read more about this amazing innovation, discover the article here.    

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What is Wike-Up?

What is aquabiking? Aquabiking, also called aquacycling, is an underwater spinning workout.  The popularity of this water workout is taking off worldwide , and is rapidly spreading throughout Europe and into the United States.  Aquabiking is similar to traditional spinning classes that take place on land, but adding water to the mix offers additional benefits that spinning classes of the […]

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